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Wedding Photography at Cincinnati Club

Choosing Wedding Photography for you big day at the Cincinnati Club is an important decision.  Hiring a photographer who is able to capture your emotions, big moments and unique love story can be difficult! One of the best reasons to choose a photographer that has experience at the Cincinnati Club, such as Blue Martini Photography, is that we’re already familiar with the building architect and lighting.  You’ll want an experienced, professional Cincinnati Club photographer during both your ceremony and reception!

img_7095Role of The Photographer

Weddings that take place at Cincinnati Club are truly special! The role of our photographer is to take a variety of images of the ceremony and the reception, as well as capture the unique love story between the bride and groom. Every love story is different! Our professional photographers will not be part of the wedding and are not emotionally involved in any activities, yet they will be very “emotionally aware”, so to speak. We’ll capture the most memorable, emotion-filled moments that your family and friends will be too teary-eyed to catch!

Wedding Photography at Cincinnati Club Captures the Moments

Our photographers have extensive experience with Cincinnati Club weddings and know how to make the photographs truly beautiful. Let us worry about the little details while you enjoy your big day! We’ll be able to capture all the moments of your wedding and turn those pictures into lasting memories.  Once the last guest is gone and the wedding dress put away, pictures by your Cincinnati Club photographer will be here forever.

Call Blue Martini Photography to see what wedding photography at Cincinnati Club is all about!

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