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Cute Kids Thursday

My friend Lauren who I used to work with brought over her two adorable kids for a fun photoshoot! They are too cute!

I love my job:)


March 15, 2013 - 8:38 am

Lauren - We had do much fun! Great pics. I am so happy with the results :)

Model Shoot: Morissa

We had the pleasure of shooting Morissa, an upcoming fresh face in the modeling world for a model shoot! She had such a bubbly personality and made this shoot so much fun! Morissa loves being with her large family and listening to country music. And can I just say how cute her boots are? We cannot wait to see where life takes her!

Thank you Morissa for such a fun day!


High School Basketball: Cooper vs. Holmes

Christin was busy shooting a high school basketball game on Saturday! Cooper High School took on Holmes in the boy’s basketball semi-finals. Cooper played a great game! Check out some of these great action shots from the game.

If only I could jump that high:)

Pep talk before the game. 

Announcing the starters!

These guys are ready! 

The game was SO close! The score was within points the entire time! 

Check out all that cheerleader action!

Cooper played a tough game and did great! They only lost by a few points. Great job, guys!

We’re looking forward to getting back in the swing of things with wedding season and spring coming up! Stay tuned for more blog posts with more pictures!


Fresh face for 2013

Wow! Haven’t blogged in a while.. geesh;)


Well today is just a test so don’t get all worked up thinking that I’m going to write about upcoming BMP things.. bc I’m not..;)Maybe tomorrow though!

Testing! 1.2.3…