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Ami + JT- Engagement Session!

We’re back today with Ami and JT’s engagement pictures! They’re getting married this November in Hilton Head! I met Ami through a friend years ago and I am just thrilled that they are getting married!

Aren’t they the cutest? And those dogs! I love it! Can’t wait until their wedding!


Chet + Lisa – Engagement Session!

I had the pleasure of doing an e-session with Chet and Lisa! They’re getting married on October 26, 2013 in Sylvania, Ohio. They love working out together and you can just see how much they enjoy being with each other. I just cannot wait until their wedding! See you love birds in October!

Stay tuned for another e-session tomorrow!


Jessica + Greg bury the bottle

Jessica and Greg are getting married May 4th in Hebron, KY!

They met through work at Pilgrims Pride in Colorado- Greg was in sales, Jessica was in marketing.
When asked what was the best thing about planning, they said the togetherness- Greg and Jessica had a lot of fun working together and it brought her and her girlfriends closer together!
“Burying the Bourbon” is a southern wedding tradition which says that if the bride and groom go to the site of their wedding exactly one month before the wedding day and bury a bottle of bourbon, then it will not rain on their chosen day. The folklore further states that the bottle should be completely full and buried upside down. Tradition states that after the ceremony, it is dug up by the bride and groom then shared with those in attendance. So, come thirsty!!!
Thanks for the fun, guys!

Ryan and Sara ~ Indiana Wedding ~ March 23

Ryan and Sara got married in Indiana on March 23! I had an ABSOLUTE blast with these two on their wedding day. They are so meant for each other and they are so fun! I actually went to high school with Ryan and Dan went to high school with Sara.. what a small world!

Sara’s mom actually designed and put together all of the flower amazing centerpieces, bouquets, and boutonnieres.  The wedding, reception, and portraits were all at the Dearborn Country Club in Indiana.

The weather held off from the upcoming rain and cold and it was a beautiful sunny, perfect day! They opted for a first look and the pictures turned out amazing!




Congrats to you two and we wish you the happiest life together!



Kara & Quinten ~ Toledo, Ohio Engagement Photograpy ~ Library & A Picnic!

Hi Blue Martini fans, Melissa here! I come to  you with an AMAZING engagement session! It isn’t only amazing because it’s us, but this couple, oiy! She’s stunning & he’s so dapper! They’re such an adorable couple! Hope you enjoy all the moments we captured!

When I first sat down with Kara & Quinten, before they even booked Blue Martini to photograph their wedding, I was instantly excited & REALLY wanted to book them! Their love & affection for each other is obvious not only in the way that they look at each other, but they way they treat one another. These high school sweethearts have what everyone dreams of! So, I *knew* I wanted to do something special for them. Kara and I emailed back and forth quite a bit prior to the session, and I asked her what was something they both enjoyed? She said that they both liked reading, with a bit of a chuckle, and she thought that she wasn’t being helpful. But a plan had come about, and thankfully enough, they were more than game to go along with it! Here are some shots of their “date” on a Sunday afternoon that we all spent together!

After walking around for a bit we headed to the Main library downtown, if you’ve never been, you should really go!:)

After browsing the library, mostly the children’s section because we could make noise… and I can’t help myself,:Dwe went on a picnic!

I’m missing them already & can’t WAIT until October when we get to have more fun! Thanks you two for such a fun session!! xoxo ~Melissa


If you’d like to see their full session go to: