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Wedding Photography at Cincinnati Club

Choosing Wedding Photography for you big day at the Cincinnati Club is an important decision.  Hiring a photographer who is able to capture your emotions, big moments and unique love story can be difficult! One of the best reasons to choose a photographer that has experience at the Cincinnati Club, such as Blue Martini Photography, is that we’re already familiar with the building architect and lighting.  You’ll want an experienced, professional Cincinnati Club photographer during both your ceremony and reception!

img_7095Role of The Photographer

Weddings that take place at Cincinnati Club are truly special! The role of our photographer is to take a variety of images of the ceremony and the reception, as well as capture the unique love story between the bride and groom. Every love story is different! Our professional photographers will not be part of the wedding and are not emotionally involved in any activities, yet they will be very “emotionally aware”, so to speak. We’ll capture the most memorable, emotion-filled moments that your family and friends will be too teary-eyed to catch!

Wedding Photography at Cincinnati Club Captures the Moments

Our photographers have extensive experience with Cincinnati Club weddings and know how to make the photographs truly beautiful. Let us worry about the little details while you enjoy your big day! We’ll be able to capture all the moments of your wedding and turn those pictures into lasting memories.  Once the last guest is gone and the wedding dress put away, pictures by your Cincinnati Club photographer will be here forever.

Call Blue Martini Photography to see what wedding photography at Cincinnati Club is all about!

4 Things To Consider When Planning Your Wedding

A wedding is a big part of growing up for most people. It is a celebration of two lives converging into one. Weddings are complicated and can be very tedious to plan. They can also be very expensive, especially when taking into account all of the things involved.


The wedding industry is full of unique options. You may want to get married in a church or next to a river. You may be looking at meeting rooms in Cincinnati or parks in Toledo for your reception. There is so much to consider, that it is easy to get overwhelmed. Consider these 4 tips when planning your wedding to avoid unnecessary stress.

1. It Works Best if You Set up a Schedule

There are lots of steps that you will have to take to get everything ready for your big day. suggests setting up list of all of the things that you will have to do, and then tackling each item one at a time.

Set up a calendar with ideal completion dates for each task, and then try to stick to the plan. This will ensure that everything gets completed in an orderly fashion, and that you won’t forget anything.

2. Package Deals Make it Easy

Consider for a moment all of the things involved in a wedding. There is the wedding venue, rehearsal dinner, the photographer, the cake, the food, the reception, and the list goes on.  A lot of couples make the mistake of focusing on the big points, and lose sight of all of the tiny expenses. Unfortunately, those smaller expenses add up pretty quickly.

The nice thing about all-inclusive package wedding deals is that they include everything. They take the guesswork out of planning, and put your wedding into the hands of an expert.

It’s important to compare the package offers and prices of several different venues in order to get a sense of the market. Popular wedding spots can be pretty pricey, and may not be any better than lesser-known ones. Still, some package deals are more affordable than piecing it together yourself because the wedding venue can get deals that you can’t. Make sure you investigate all of your options thoroughly. At Blue Martini Photography, we recommend the Belle Event Center, Hall of Mirrors and the Cincinnati Club.

3. Fickle Minds are Trouble Makers

When planning your wedding, you need to do some serious evaluation. What do you want it to look like? What can you afford? Where do you want it to be? Do you want a large wedding, a small wedding, or something in between? Do you want an indoor wedding or an outdoor wedding with a tent? You really need to get a sense of priorities, and decide on first, second, and third options before making anything final.

Most wedding venues require a significant deposit to rent the space. Caterers, photographers, and flower arrangers can be the same way. If you hire someone and then change your mind, it will cost you. These things can be expensive, so don’t take your decisions lightly.

img_48614. Weddings Don’t Have to Be Expensive

If you want it to be easy, then you are going to have to pay for it. However, if you are willing to do a lot of the work yourself, you can save a ton of money. Local and state parks can be really cheap outdoor venue options.

If you know some good cooks, you can ask them to help with the food spread. If you want alcohol at your reception, consider buying a couple of kegs of beer instead of having a full bar. Have a friend marry you instead of a priest.

Ultimately, your wedding should be a reflection of your wishes. By figuring out what your budget and preferences are early on, looking at a bunch of different options, and then making your decision, you can ensure that your wedding is a success. Don’t let yourself get overwhelmed. Take it one step at a time.
About the Author: Leslie Mason is a homemaker and garden expert. Leslie enjoys writing, gardening, do-it-yourself projects, and events planning. She trusts Cartier Place for all her wedding and events hosting.

Wedding Photography at Bell Event Centre in Cincinnati

Your wedding is one of the most important days of your life.   Photography at Bell Event Centre  must not only capture elegant photos but also understand and anticipate the environment and lighting. Choosing a photographer is one of the most important choices you will make because the pictures capture the time and last a lifetime.

Perfect Photos

You want to make sure everything is perfect. From your dress to your hair, the wedding cake and the photos, every aspect has to go according to plan. Having someone who knows how to capture every intricate detail of your wedding will go a long way to capturing memories that you can look back on years from now.  The ambiance of Cincinnati’s Bell Event Centre is just the place to create beautiful photos with just the right light in just the right environment.

Experienced Photography at Bell Event Centre

When you make the decision to choose a photographer with experience capturing your wedding moments, you can rest assured that you are getting someone who understands how important this day is to you. If you need someone to handle your Photography at Bell Event Centre, you can trust in the services we have to offer.  Not only do we understand the different aspects and special shots in wedding photography but we have been to the Bell Event Centre and worked first hand. Instead of stressing over who to hire, sit back and allow someone with a proven track record to step in and make sure your wedding photographs are stunning.  Check out Blue Martini Photography.

Cincinnati Boudoir Photography FAQ’s

What is Boudoir Photography In Cincinnati?

Many people are hearing the term Boudoir Photography.  So what is it and what does it involve?  The Boudoir is an 18th century term referring to a woman’s sitting room.  It’s the place she would dress and for a lady, it would be the area her servants might wait on her and dress her.  Today, as far as photography is concerned, this is a shot where glamour and intimacy meet.  Whether you want to show off your feminine side or tantalize your partner, boudoir photography in Cincinnati is the ticket for you.

Create a Lasting Impression

If you are looking for something to create a lasting impression for your significant other, why not look into boudoir photography in Cincinnati? This classy, yet sultry, type of photography will allow you to capture your sexiest poses and turn them into something that the two of you can enjoy looking at together.  Not only is it a chance to showcase your sexy side and unleash your true beauty, but it is a way to do it in a manner that is modest yet revealing at the same time.

Choose Your Look

What mate doesn’t want the chance to look at their significant other in some of the hottest shots around? You can choose from any number of different backgrounds and poses to create a unique, classy and sultry new you. Consider all of the possibilities that are waiting for you when you choose to try Cincinnati boudoir photography today at Blue Martini Photography. Unleash your inner beauty and let it show through in a picture that you can keep for a lifetime!

Choosing the Best Wedding Photographer in Cincinnati

blue martini photography in CincinnatiWhen it comes to your special day, you’ll want the best of the best! The biggest regret after a wedding is not allocating more of the budget for professional photography. Don’t make the mistake of thinking Uncle Harry’s digital camera or Cousin Sally’s iPhone will be “good enough”. Wedding photography is about capturing memories that will last a lifetime, not just snapping random pics!

Sensational or Boring

A professional/experienced wedding photographer in Cincinnati knows how to take the right pictures at the right angle. A professional has a way of making the people looking at the picture feel as if they were there during the wedding when in fact they weren’t. Inexperienced people taking pictures can take pictures but, they can’t guarantee a perfect picture or even a good looking picture. Be prepared for blurred, off-center, pixelated pictures if you go this route!

Now You See Me, Now You Don’t

Because a photographer knows every person at your wedding is very important to you, they will make sure they have pictures of everyone that attended and that all the right group shots were taken during the time of the wedding. As someone who isn’t experienced or a professional, they may forget to include someone in the shot, like crazy Aunt Poe, which could leave you (and her) heart broken and upset.

BMP wedding photography in Cincinnati OhioPerfect moment or Why didn’t you get this?

Every moment at your wedding is as beautiful and meaningful as the last, but there are some moments that are crucial to capture. A professional will make sure that the very best moments will not be missed because they know once it is gone, it won’t ever come back. Someone inexperienced may be snapping photos of your crazy relative making faces by the bathroom, while missing the cake cutting!

OH MY! or Really?!?!

Because quality is so important when it comes to wedding photos, your photographer may take hundreds of pictures of the same thing to guarantee they get everything you want in a picture. Someone inexperienced or unprofessional may only take a couple pictures and you end up asking, “Really?!?! Where are all of my pictures?”

Hidden or In Your Face

A professional photographer can capture the most meaningful moments without the hassle of walking right into the middle of someone’s conversation. With an inexperienced person taking your wedding pictures, they would probably end up bothering people and end up flashing someone right in the eyes with their camera. Not good!

Your Trusted Cincinnati Wedding Photographer

An experienced and professional Cincinnati wedding photographer can guarantee that you will get the best quality of pictures without bothering you or your guests. At Blue Martini Photography, we go above and beyond! We get excited for our brides and work tirelessly to ensure you have the dream wedding you’ve always desired and the breathtaking pictures to tell the story for years to come. For the best wedding photography in Cincinnati, contact Blue Martini Photography today!