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Chelsea & Cory’s Engagement Photography Session in Lexington Kentucky

Hey everyone! Christin here and today I’m excited to share an AMAZING engagement session with you! Yesterday I drove south to Lexington Kentucky where I had the pleasure of shooting the soon-to-be married couple, Chelsea & Cory Creekmore.

The two met in high school and became best friends. Two years later, they fell in love and decided to make things official;)They spent their college years together at the University of Kentucky and now that they’ve both graduated, they’re about to tie the knot. I could not be more excited to shoot their wedding on June 14th!

Our first stop was the Kentucky Horse Park in Lexington Kentucky. What a gorgeous day (and couple!)



Next, we headed to downtown Lexington for some night shots. What a hidden gem this city is!


Chelsea & Cory were so much fun to shoot! I hope you’ve enjoyed the moments we’ve captured. If you’re recently engaged in Lexington, #1: Congratulations! #2: We would LOVE to work with you! Check out more of our work at and give us a call today!

Cincinnati Wedding Photography Ideas

Cincinnati Wedding Photography

Finding the right photographer for your Cincinnati wedding photography will ensure you capture the day in style.  You have spent hours, days, and months, maybe years planning your wedding.  Before you know it, the day will be here and gone.  Don’t let the day slip by without making sure you catch all the precious moments with all your dearly loved family and friends.

Fantastic Pre Wedding Shots

We were visiting Daytona Beach recently and witnessed a wedding photographer taking pictures of the bride at the beach.  Expecting a beach wedding, we were surprised to find out this was a pre wedding shot of the bride at her favorite location.  This is a great idea that can be adapted to fit your special place where ever it is.  This can be a great addition to your wedding photography in Cincinnati.

Besides taking photos at other locations there are also a lot of neat photo ideas for the bride and groom on their wedding day.  Capturing pictures of the bride as she looks up at her dress on the hanger, or a picture of her mother helping her dress are great pre wedding shots.  Don’t forget to get pictures of the bride with her bridesmaids and the groom with the groomsmen.  You can use your imagination to make these shot fun and memorable.  You can look online to get extra ideas and your wedding photographer will have some of her or his own.

Don’t forget the first look photos.  You can even include pictures of your dad’s first look or your parents first look.  One idea I like is the bride holding a sign that says, “I will aways be your little girl.”  I’m sure this will be her parents keepsake for years to come.

Traditional Wedding Shots and More

You will want to make sure your wedding photographer catches all the traditional wedding photographs.  Adding a few planned photos to the mix will make these photos unique and sentimental.  Catching the grooms look as his bride walks down the isle and a picture of the bride’s dad giving her away are good examples.  Today’s couples are taking Cincinnati wedding photography to the max by spicing up their weddings with special moments like dancing down the isle.  Each bride and groom has his or her own unique way of celebrating the moment.  Be sure to plan a little so you capture these moments as they occur.

If you can scope out good places to take pictures around your venue, you will be amazed at the great pictures that can result.  Many group shots look wonderful on steps or against a backdrop of trees.  Another cute idea I saw was a picture of the bride and groom sitting next to the maid of honor and the best man.  It was a picture of their backs and the girls had their arms interlocked and so did the guys.  It was very cute!

Cincinnati Wedding Photography

Photographers at Blue Martini Photography are your premier wedding photographers for Cincinnati Wedding Photography.  Experienced, enthusiastic and dedicated to making sure your day is captured in the most breathtaking way possible.  Don’t spend all your time perfecting your wedding and not spend as much or more time selecting your wedding photographer.  Cincinnati Wedding Photography, made special by Blue Martini Photography.

Northern Kentucky Wedding Photography Trends

Northern Kentucky Wedding PhotographyNorthern Kentucky Wedding Photography Trends offer some new twists to the traditional wedding photography.  Most brides and grooms are ready for a modern approach to capturing their day.  Traditional posed shots like cutting the cake and throwing the bouquet are being combined with photo journaling the day as it unfolds.

Before and After Photo Sessions

Spending the day with the photographer capturing engagement photos is the new trend.  Brides and grooms will delight in sharing their personalities through engagement photos at their favorites spots around town.  Capturing the essence of Hollywood, glamorous shots of the soon-to-be couple will share the romance with all their friends.  A talented photographer can capture the photos perfectly and then with computer expertise, do some digital image editing and manipulation to make your photos look like a page in Vogue.

After wedding day photos are also on the rise.  “Trash the Dress” sessions are another opportunity for the couple to have fun before an audience of their friends.  Diving into a swimming pool or thrashing in the mud, brides all over are capturing the moment and sharing it online.

Boudoir shoots are another tremendously popular wedding photography session.  The Brides gift to the groom, these are personal shots just for him.

Northern Kentucky Wedding Photography Using Apps

Some people will choose to keep their wedding photos private by not allowing private pictures at the reception.  Other couples will not only allow private photography, but also encourage it by providing docking stations at the reception tables.  New IPhone and Android Apps allow guests to upload photos into an album where they can be included in online viewing galleries, facebook posts or uploaded to the video screens during the reception.  These are fun for guests and the bridal party as well, as the moments are captured in real life.  Everybody enjoys watching, himself or herself on screen.

First Look Photos

First look photos are still popular this year.  Have you ever been to a wedding reception where you waited and waited for the bride and groom to finish pictures before the party could start?  Couples are choosing to catch first look photos and at the same time do some of the portrait photos and bridal party photos before the wedding.  This gives them more time after the wedding to spend time partying and enjoying their guests.  This is a great idea for evening weddings or weddings that are on a tight venue schedule.

No matter what venue you choose, your pictures will only be as good as the talent of the photographer.  Choosing a photographer you trust and going over the philosophy of how you want to capture the day will keep everyone on the same page and will ensure that you won’t be disappointed when the photos arrive.  At Blue Martini Photography, we value your opinion.  We are excited to be a part of the process!  If you have any questions about your wedding photography in Northern Kentucky just give us a call and we will be happy to help you.

Senior Pictures in Cincinnati Ohio

senior pictures in Cincinnati OhioBlue Martini Photography has the perfect photographer for your senior pictures in Cincinnati Ohio.  Senior year will be over soon and capturing the memory is what senior pictures are all about.  You want to look your best and help others remember the real you!

Here are a few suggestions to help you get the most out of your photo session.

Creative Ideas

Check out Pinterest and other galleries to see what people are doing for poses.  There are many ideas out there or you can come up with ideas of your own!  Think about what outfit or prop you can bring that represents you or maybe a favorite place you’d like to be photographed at.  Talk with Kristen or Dan and see what they can do.senior pictures in Cincinnati Ohio

Come to your photo session relaxed and enjoy the time.  If your nervous, sometimes having a prop will help you relax.  If you bring your parent or a friend they can help with your hair and clothes.  You should bring three outfits; usually something dressy, casual and one other outfit.  This might be a sports outfit, dance costume or something that is all your own.  Once your all set, your photographer will do the rest!

Senior Pictures in Cincinnati Ohio

Your senior pictures can be as fun and exciting as you are.  Some people like to bring their pet for some of their pictures.  If you play a musical senior pictures in Cincinnati Ohioinstrument or have artwork you’d like to show that’s fine too.  Maybe you’d like to have a picture taken next to your car.  Props can tell a lot about a person and what you value.

Staging props and where you take your pictures can also have a unique effect.  This is a good time to plan things if you want something special.  You can let the photographer know and they can see what they can come up with.  There are many areas to make Cincinnati Ohio senior pictures breathtaking and in a class all by themselves.

Visit Blue Martini Photography or like us on Facebook and see what we can do for you!


Family Portraits in Northern Kentucky

family portraits in Northern KentuckyWhen deciding to have your family Portraits in Northern Kentucky there is a few things to consider besides choosing a photographer.

What to Wear

Family portraits in Northern Kentucky can easily get messy if everyone is doing their own thing.  You will want to agree on a color scheme to make the most of your photo.  You don’t want to have one person wearing a busy pattern; they will stand out and not in a good way.  Instead choose a few solid colors in the same tone, either dark or light and have everyone stick to that.  Soft tones work best and sticking with either light or dark on the top and bottom is best.  Make sure everyone looks flattering in what they wear and if possible keep sleeves at least past the elbow unless you need to dress lighter because of the weather.  What you wear is just as important as the lighting and posing.

Choose a Theme For Your Family Portraits in Northern Kentucky

Consider a theme or pose idea that will make your portrait memorable.  There are many themes you can use and props to make things interesting but some of the best Northern Kentucky family portraits are taken in the great outdoors.  Outdoor lighting and natural colors are hard to beat when it comes to photos.  Choose if you want to pose for the picture or capture candid portraits.  Some of the best shots are taken when least expected.  What time of year is it?  Many photos are themed around a holiday.  At Christmas time, family portraits make great Christmas cards and gifts.  Just remember if you use props, you don’t want them to be so obvious they stand out in the photo.  Northern Kentucky family portraits make great gifts for all occasions.

Location and Lighting

You can’t always choose where your family portrait will be taken.  Many portraits are done on location where the family is gathering.  It’s important to make the most use of lighting and posing but if you can plan ahead and coordinate colors and wardrobe your more likely to end up with a photo you will enjoy for years to come.  Families today are busy and on the go.  Anytime everyone can get together is a good time for a photo.   For your family gathering consider hiring a photographer and make the most of the opportunity.

Blue Martini Photography can help with all your photography needs!