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Northern Kentucky Wedding Photography Trends

Northern Kentucky Wedding PhotographyNorthern Kentucky Wedding Photography Trends offer some new twists to the traditional wedding photography.  Most brides and grooms are ready for a modern approach to capturing their day.  Traditional posed shots like cutting the cake and throwing the bouquet are being combined with photo journaling the day as it unfolds.

Before and After Photo Sessions

Spending the day with the photographer capturing engagement photos is the new trend.  Brides and grooms will delight in sharing their personalities through engagement photos at their favorites spots around town.  Capturing the essence of Hollywood, glamorous shots of the soon-to-be couple will share the romance with all their friends.  A talented photographer can capture the photos perfectly and then with computer expertise, do some digital image editing and manipulation to make your photos look like a page in Vogue.

After wedding day photos are also on the rise.  “Trash the Dress” sessions are another opportunity for the couple to have fun before an audience of their friends.  Diving into a swimming pool or thrashing in the mud, brides all over are capturing the moment and sharing it online.

Boudoir shoots are another tremendously popular wedding photography session.  The Brides gift to the groom, these are personal shots just for him.

Northern Kentucky Wedding Photography Using Apps

Some people will choose to keep their wedding photos private by not allowing private pictures at the reception.  Other couples will not only allow private photography, but also encourage it by providing docking stations at the reception tables.  New IPhone and Android Apps allow guests to upload photos into an album where they can be included in online viewing galleries, facebook posts or uploaded to the video screens during the reception.  These are fun for guests and the bridal party as well, as the moments are captured in real life.  Everybody enjoys watching, himself or herself on screen.

First Look Photos

First look photos are still popular this year.  Have you ever been to a wedding reception where you waited and waited for the bride and groom to finish pictures before the party could start?  Couples are choosing to catch first look photos and at the same time do some of the portrait photos and bridal party photos before the wedding.  This gives them more time after the wedding to spend time partying and enjoying their guests.  This is a great idea for evening weddings or weddings that are on a tight venue schedule.

No matter what venue you choose, your pictures will only be as good as the talent of the photographer.  Choosing a photographer you trust and going over the philosophy of how you want to capture the day will keep everyone on the same page and will ensure that you won’t be disappointed when the photos arrive.  At Blue Martini Photography, we value your opinion.  We are excited to be a part of the process!  If you have any questions about your wedding photography in Northern Kentucky just give us a call and we will be happy to help you.

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