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Jessica + Greg bury the bottle

Jessica and Greg are getting married May 4th in Hebron, KY!

They met through work at Pilgrims Pride in Colorado- Greg was in sales, Jessica was in marketing.
When asked what was the best thing about planning, they said the togetherness- Greg and Jessica had a lot of fun working together and it brought her and her girlfriends closer together!
“Burying the Bourbon” is a southern wedding tradition which says that if the bride and groom go to the site of their wedding exactly one month before the wedding day and bury a bottle of bourbon, then it will not rain on their chosen day. The folklore further states that the bottle should be completely full and buried upside down. Tradition states that after the ceremony, it is dug up by the bride and groom then shared with those in attendance. So, come thirsty!!!
Thanks for the fun, guys!

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