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Family Portraits in Northern Kentucky

family portraits in Northern KentuckyWhen deciding to have your family Portraits in Northern Kentucky there is a few things to consider besides choosing a photographer.

What to Wear

Family portraits in Northern Kentucky can easily get messy if everyone is doing their own thing.  You will want to agree on a color scheme to make the most of your photo.  You don’t want to have one person wearing a busy pattern; they will stand out and not in a good way.  Instead choose a few solid colors in the same tone, either dark or light and have everyone stick to that.  Soft tones work best and sticking with either light or dark on the top and bottom is best.  Make sure everyone looks flattering in what they wear and if possible keep sleeves at least past the elbow unless you need to dress lighter because of the weather.  What you wear is just as important as the lighting and posing.

Choose a Theme For Your Family Portraits in Northern Kentucky

Consider a theme or pose idea that will make your portrait memorable.  There are many themes you can use and props to make things interesting but some of the best Northern Kentucky family portraits are taken in the great outdoors.  Outdoor lighting and natural colors are hard to beat when it comes to photos.  Choose if you want to pose for the picture or capture candid portraits.  Some of the best shots are taken when least expected.  What time of year is it?  Many photos are themed around a holiday.  At Christmas time, family portraits make great Christmas cards and gifts.  Just remember if you use props, you don’t want them to be so obvious they stand out in the photo.  Northern Kentucky family portraits make great gifts for all occasions.

Location and Lighting

You can’t always choose where your family portrait will be taken.  Many portraits are done on location where the family is gathering.  It’s important to make the most use of lighting and posing but if you can plan ahead and coordinate colors and wardrobe your more likely to end up with a photo you will enjoy for years to come.  Families today are busy and on the go.  Anytime everyone can get together is a good time for a photo.   For your family gathering consider hiring a photographer and make the most of the opportunity.

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