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Cincinnati Wedding Photography Ideas

Cincinnati Wedding Photography

Finding the right photographer for your Cincinnati wedding photography will ensure you capture the day in style.  You have spent hours, days, and months, maybe years planning your wedding.  Before you know it, the day will be here and gone.  Don’t let the day slip by without making sure you catch all the precious moments with all your dearly loved family and friends.

Fantastic Pre Wedding Shots

We were visiting Daytona Beach recently and witnessed a wedding photographer taking pictures of the bride at the beach.  Expecting a beach wedding, we were surprised to find out this was a pre wedding shot of the bride at her favorite location.  This is a great idea that can be adapted to fit your special place where ever it is.  This can be a great addition to your wedding photography in Cincinnati.

Besides taking photos at other locations there are also a lot of neat photo ideas for the bride and groom on their wedding day.  Capturing pictures of the bride as she looks up at her dress on the hanger, or a picture of her mother helping her dress are great pre wedding shots.  Don’t forget to get pictures of the bride with her bridesmaids and the groom with the groomsmen.  You can use your imagination to make these shot fun and memorable.  You can look online to get extra ideas and your wedding photographer will have some of her or his own.

Don’t forget the first look photos.  You can even include pictures of your dad’s first look or your parents first look.  One idea I like is the bride holding a sign that says, “I will aways be your little girl.”  I’m sure this will be her parents keepsake for years to come.

Traditional Wedding Shots and More

You will want to make sure your wedding photographer catches all the traditional wedding photographs.  Adding a few planned photos to the mix will make these photos unique and sentimental.  Catching the grooms look as his bride walks down the isle and a picture of the bride’s dad giving her away are good examples.  Today’s couples are taking Cincinnati wedding photography to the max by spicing up their weddings with special moments like dancing down the isle.  Each bride and groom has his or her own unique way of celebrating the moment.  Be sure to plan a little so you capture these moments as they occur.

If you can scope out good places to take pictures around your venue, you will be amazed at the great pictures that can result.  Many group shots look wonderful on steps or against a backdrop of trees.  Another cute idea I saw was a picture of the bride and groom sitting next to the maid of honor and the best man.  It was a picture of their backs and the girls had their arms interlocked and so did the guys.  It was very cute!

Cincinnati Wedding Photography

Photographers at Blue Martini Photography are your premier wedding photographers for Cincinnati Wedding Photography.  Experienced, enthusiastic and dedicated to making sure your day is captured in the most breathtaking way possible.  Don’t spend all your time perfecting your wedding and not spend as much or more time selecting your wedding photographer.  Cincinnati Wedding Photography, made special by Blue Martini Photography.

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