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Choosing the Best Wedding Photographer in Cincinnati

blue martini photography in CincinnatiWhen it comes to your special day, you’ll want the best of the best! The biggest regret after a wedding is not allocating more of the budget for professional photography. Don’t make the mistake of thinking Uncle Harry’s digital camera or Cousin Sally’s iPhone will be “good enough”. Wedding photography is about capturing memories that will last a lifetime, not just snapping random pics!

Sensational or Boring

A professional/experienced wedding photographer in Cincinnati knows how to take the right pictures at the right angle. A professional has a way of making the people looking at the picture feel as if they were there during the wedding when in fact they weren’t. Inexperienced people taking pictures can take pictures but, they can’t guarantee a perfect picture or even a good looking picture. Be prepared for blurred, off-center, pixelated pictures if you go this route!

Now You See Me, Now You Don’t

Because a photographer knows every person at your wedding is very important to you, they will make sure they have pictures of everyone that attended and that all the right group shots were taken during the time of the wedding. As someone who isn’t experienced or a professional, they may forget to include someone in the shot, like crazy Aunt Poe, which could leave you (and her) heart broken and upset.

BMP wedding photography in Cincinnati OhioPerfect moment or Why didn’t you get this?

Every moment at your wedding is as beautiful and meaningful as the last, but there are some moments that are crucial to capture. A professional will make sure that the very best moments will not be missed because they know once it is gone, it won’t ever come back. Someone inexperienced may be snapping photos of your crazy relative making faces by the bathroom, while missing the cake cutting!

OH MY! or Really?!?!

Because quality is so important when it comes to wedding photos, your photographer may take hundreds of pictures of the same thing to guarantee they get everything you want in a picture. Someone inexperienced or unprofessional may only take a couple pictures and you end up asking, “Really?!?! Where are all of my pictures?”

Hidden or In Your Face

A professional photographer can capture the most meaningful moments without the hassle of walking right into the middle of someone’s conversation. With an inexperienced person taking your wedding pictures, they would probably end up bothering people and end up flashing someone right in the eyes with their camera. Not good!

Your Trusted Cincinnati Wedding Photographer

An experienced and professional Cincinnati wedding photographer can guarantee that you will get the best quality of pictures without bothering you or your guests. At Blue Martini Photography, we go above and beyond! We get excited for our brides and work tirelessly to ensure you have the dream wedding you’ve always desired and the breathtaking pictures to tell the story for years to come. For the best wedding photography in Cincinnati, contact Blue Martini Photography today!

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