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Choosing a Destination Wedding Photographer

choosing a destination wedding photographerIf you are planning a destination wedding, you will probably have a smaller wedding party and a more intimate setting.  Destination weddings are usually in exotic places, so finding good backgrounds for your photos is pretty easy.  If you are choosing a destination wedding photographer, you want to make sure you pick someone you enjoy being with.  Not all photographers are the same and finding one that is professional, takes the type of pictures you like and gets along with everyone is important.  This is especially important if you are traveling far away and will be spending a lot of time together.

Types Of Wedding Photography

You can choose a more traditional approach to the photography you choose by having portraiture photos done.  These would include all the candid shots and portraits.  The photographer may include shots with some artistic creativity by including the backgrounds that are naturally in the area.

Documentary type photography offers a more photojournalistic view of the get away.  For these types of photos, your photographer will capture the moments as they happen in real time.  You will want your photographer to be around for all the action from the beginning of traveling.  You will also want shots from the wedding and as you are leaving to go home.  Having a complete documentary of the destination wedding will provide you with memories to last a lifetime.

With today’s photography, you can create fine art with the camera.  Choosing a destination wedding photographer who creates beautiful masterpieces with her camera, will give you more options and pictures that are breathtaking.  These pictures include pictures that focus on one focal point and allow the background to fade.  Photos in black and white or muted tones are examples of the many options there are.

Choosing a Destination Wedding Photographer

If you are planning a destination wedding, you may be tempted to use the photographer offered at the resort you choose.  If you do, you can’t always guarantee you will like the photos or the photographer when you get done.  Having your own photographer go with you is a good way to ensure you get the photos you want and that they are done the way you like it.  You will also have time to meet the photographer and work with him or her before the wedding.

Asking For What You Want

When you are choosing a destination wedding photographer, make sure you are clear about the type of photography you want.  Do some research and look at wedding albums to get an idea of what you like and what neat ideas are out there.  Not all photographers capture the same photos the same way, so if you know what you like be sure and communicate that to your photographer.  Most of the wedding photography will be captured in an instant and you want to make sure you get the photos you were hoping for.

At Blue Martini Photography we are experienced with wedding photos and will be delighted to help you capture the photos the way you want them.  You will find our photos capture the emotions of the moment as well as the moment itself.  We are easy to work with and make the staged photos and photo sessions as fun as possible.  If you have any questions about Blue Martini Photography or you would like to discuss your destination wedding plans, give us a call.  We look forward to serving you.

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